Tugs Tugs Tugs!!!

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2011-05-21 10:52

Rapture Comes and Tuggers Stay

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2011-05-20 05:30

CDC Takes Notice of Tuggerís Diabolical Plan

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2011-05-16 12:42

Tuggers Turn Fans into Zomfans

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2011-05-14 01:07

Pass me the Rock

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2011-05-10 02:26

Talking Tugboat Poised to Sue Spanish Rip-off

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About Us

Guitars, Vocals and Drums. Itís simple. Itís rock. Itís the Tuggers. And not Kings of Leon rock or Bright Eyes rock. Weíre bringing back THE rock, and we want to bring it to you. Yes you, the selected few, have the opportunity to listen to us doing the impossible; old school rock and roll.

The Band


Hi, my name is Teddy. I like to shred. I like to rock. Most of all, I like to fearlessly lead the Tuggers. I am notorious for playing fast, but also for blowing people's minds.


I may be in the background, but I should be in the front. My blast beats put Teddyís riffs to shame. I donít get the respect I deserve because Iím the drummer. But this band would be playing blue grass covers without me.


Without me this band would never get out of the basement. I organize, write and Iím usually booking all our shows. I hate everyone in this band because theyíre irresponsible. But, they do rock.


Iím the bass man and thinking of a funky riff right now to pleasure your ear holes.


I need a description. Mahhhhh.......